I'm a modern country pop singer from Chelmsford in Essex. I’ve released two EPS in my early career – Robin Hood in 2013 and The Lemon Tree in 2016, while the time since then has seen a change in my musical direction, ignited by moving to Nashville for several months. This added a country music influence into my music.

Since the beginning of 2019, I’ve released several singles and achieved chart success. My first top 10 hit in the UK country chart came in the latter part of 2019, when my single ‘Rear View Mirror’ reached exactly number 10. Another top ten hit followed with ‘Story of Love’. Last year has seen enhanced success. 
My single, ‘Lie to Me’ has been my most successful release of my career, reaching number 2 on the iTunes Country Chart.  Lie to Me recently eclipsed 6,000 plays on Spotify, making it also my most successful streaming release to date. This song saw me release my first ever music video (July 2020).

This year I’ve been nominated in three categories in the UK Country Music Spotlight Awards. I’m a finalist in ‘Best UK Female’, 'Best UK Song' with Lie to Me and ‘Best UK Video’ with Just Friends.

One of the highlight moments of my career so far was being asked to open at the 2020 UK Country Music Spotlights at the Water Rats in London. It was an incredible experience and at the end of my set I was joined by four other country artists from the UK. 

I’ve been lucky enough to play music at some incredible places. The Bluebird Café in Nashville is a venue I played twice while I lived in the US (made famous perhaps by the TV show ‘Nashville’ – a show that I appeared in as an extra).

Last year in April I was about to embark on a UK tour, but sadly, at the last minute Covid-19 pulled the plug. I’m hoping to go out on the road again at the same time in 2021, if live music is able to get back on its feet.

As a solo musician, everything I do is self-released. I’m lucky enough to have a manager who helps out on the booking and promotional side, but I have full control of the music itself, and all of the decisions about the music are mine solely. Since Covid-19 this has meant a lot of my recording has had to be done at home and this has created many challenges. 


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