My name is Louise.

I am a 26 year old boot-wearin' British belle with a passion for writing songs with catchy hooks.



I’m a modern country singer/songwriter with American enthusiasm and good ol’ fashioned English self-deprecating humour! 

I have toured North America and the UK and I've also been performing around Europe!

I write from the heart about my travels, love and loss and the expectations and realities of being an independent artist in the 21st century.  There is definitely a song for everyone in my ever growing repertoire. 


In October 2017, I moved to Nashville for five months and Austin for one month with Lawrence (cajon) to play gigs and focus on honing my sound.  I was lucky enough to record 5 acoustic tracks with AMP Studios in Austin which I've been releasing as singles throughout 2019.

I kick started the year with the releases 'Chances Are' and 'Paradise' - a track which Mouse worked her magic on giving birth to the 'Paradise REMIX' a few months later.

In June 2019 I signed a management deal with Belles & Gals founder Nick Cantwell.  Nick started working tirelessly on booking gigs, radio interviews and live sessions up and down the country.  I performed for the first time in Manchester, Kent and Wales and was interviewed and played live on BBC Manchester!

I then released my fourth single of 'Rear View Mirror' which debuted on the iTunes UK Country Charts at #10 !!!!

'Story of Love' followed suit and also peaked at #10 in the iTunes UK Country Charts following radio play across nine BBC stations and a whole host of dedicated country music shows up and down the UK and Europe. 

My last 2019 release 'I'm Moving To Nashville' hit the UK charts at #14, written from my perspective of life in Nashville as a singer/songwriter.

I ended 2019 in Austin, Texas, where I lived for four months writing new material, playing shows and having adventures.  Nick's already got my 2020 schedule packed full of exciting gigs and music releases!

Thank you for your support and kindness.
As always, I am forever grateful to all of you.


Who is Louise?

2019 so far...

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