I can't say I'm not scared as the sun starts to fall,

I don't want to close my eyes in case we don't get tomorrow.

So hold me closer than close and promise you won't leave my side,

I'll surrender to you my body, my time.

'Cause I'm yours and I know that you want me too,

Don't hesitate no need to think it through,

It's me and you.

As we fall in to the night whisper softly "I am yours and you are mine",

And as our hearts begin to ignite I know we have found paradise.

Take me up to the moon, let me swim with your stars,

Anywhere we go is heaven as long as I'm in your arms.

Take me higher and higher and promise you won't let me fall,

And to you I'll surrender my heart, my soul.

'Cause I'm yours and I hope that you want me too,

Don't lie my heart is black and blue,

The way you feel please tel me the truth,

Is it me and you?


Chances are she'll go home with him,

It won't be love but it's how it begins.

You won't bat an eye or count your lucky stars,

He won't know how lucky he is.

Chances Are you don't know how I feel,

Chances Are I'm not bold enough to steal your heart,

I come apart, cupid's shooting in the dark,

You dance with him while I wonder what my chances are.

Do you recall the night we met?

Between Jack and Jim I woke up in your bed.

We keep hanging out but never went there again,

After all this time we're still just friends?

Chances Are you don't know how I feel,

Chances Are I'm not bold enough to steal your heart,

It's hard to hit your mark when cupid's shooting in the dark,

While I wonder what my chances are.


You suit my rear view mirror hunny,

Now there's a picture I could frame sit you on my bedside table night and day.

Thinking you'll pick me up in that rusty truck,

We'll drink some beer and laugh it off​.

It don't work that way.

'Cause my mumma didn't raise no saint,

But my daddy wont allow a sinner.

I guess we'll find our the hard way.


You suit my rear view mirror hunny,

Now there's a picture I could frame sit you on my bedside table night and day.

And you can keep on dreaming on darling,

I'm a gun with just one shot, you're in my dust you're long forgotten.


Thought we had it all but I was wrong,

You were on the other side of town having "fun"

& that's not all.

I guess you thought it would be fine,

When you said her name instead of mine.

It's a long way to fall.


Won't make that mistake again.


So I hitched a ride out of town,

But not before I spread the word around.


I am yours, promise to love me so

'Cause without you I'd rather walk alone.

Give me love until my skin grows cold,

I will never be letting you go.

I see my future in your eyes,

Your past it don't matter to me.

I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love,

I could not lie to myself.

I'm exactly where I want to be.

We've come such a long, long way,

We've only scratched the surface of us.

So don't look down 'cause I'm never looking back,

Keep me shining brighter then the stars above.

This is our story of love.

Take my hand, of course, you already have my heart,

& when you leave I hate seeing you go.

Promise me you'll return don't keep me hanging on and on,

And like a fool in love I'll welcome you home.


I'm moving to Nashville,

With a suitcase full of hopes and dreams.

I'm trading in my cow for a bag of magic beans.

For all that I've given, to get here,

With all the miles in between.

Please don't let me one way ticket just be a handful of seeds.

I'm moving to Nashville.

I'm moving to Nashville,

To those I've left behind I leave a trail of breadcrumbs so I'm easier to find.

When you hear a sad song, in a small bar, I hope you think of me.

Please don't let my music fade in to a memory,

'Cause I'm moving to Nashville.

Life is a journey, not a destination,

Why'd it take me so long to have this realisation?

When I moved to Nashville,

There was no gold at the end of rainbow,

Just people pulling strings at a grandiose puppet show.

It's about who you know, not what you know,

It's about where you've been and where you'll go.

When I moved to Nashville.

But I moved to Nashville,

& I'm going home with more than hopes and dreams,

I know just who I am and exactly where I need to be.

I'll never forget it or regret it,

'Cause now i'll always know.

Life's a journey, it's not where you go.

Life's a journey, make it own.

Your life's a journey, and now i know,

I moved to Nashville.

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