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I want you all to myself, is that selfish?
Ain’t seeing nobody else,  I’m not faking.

Are we the only ones here? Got tunnel vision, give me permission to come over there, 

Run my fingers through your hair. 


The temperature’s high and I’m melting.

Under clear blue skies, got me dreaming.

About the touch of your skin, it leaves me breathless, I’m restless to give you control, 

Anywhere your hands want to go.


I’m not asking for forever,

Just to make some memories with ya.

Let’s flip it around, get upside down and love late into the night. 

Say my name, say it again,

Just keep me rolling off your tongue until we see the sunset.


Slow dance to Marvin Gaye just in your t-shirt.

Your love is mountain high, I’m feeling it.

Spend all my time in your clothes or nothing at all, 

I’m feeling comfortable staying in all day, when we’re going all the way.


Salt on the rim of my glass, got me remembering tequila slammers we had.

Way back when, I wished summer would never end.


I’m not asking for forever,

Let’s just start with your number.

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