I’m awake at 5am, I just stare at my ceiling and try to make sense of it all.

Trying to find some meaning, ‘cause my heart’s still beating, it only hurts when I’m breathing.


Every word that I write don’t feel right,

Where did we go so wrong?


It’s you, the first thing that’s on my mind,

’Til I fall asleep at night, no matter how I try I can’t get you off my mind.

‘Cause you left with no reason why,

Said you loved me but maybe you lied and it’s breaking me up inside.

I’ve forgotten how to smile.


Then the nights turn in to days, nothing tastes the same, all my friends think I’m going insane.

‘Cause in trying to find some meaning I just keep repeating our last day and all the things you’d say to me.


Every word you said didn’t feel real,

Am I dumb or was I blind?


They say maybe it’s for the best,

‘Cause if he really loved me he would hate to see me this way.

And if he really loved me he would never have let me drive my car whilst I was running on empty.

I’ve forgotten how to smile.

I’ve forgotten how to smile.