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I always thought I’d have what I need,

Waiting for me under the tree. 

But Santa this year you’ve let me down,

Christmas won’t be Christmas if you’re not around. 

I’ve spent all year making sure that I’m good,

‘Cause when Christmas comes, I knew that you would. 

There’s only one thing here on my list,

To end this year and start the new with a kiss.

And here it is…


Please answer my prayer,

Pick me up in your sleigh and take me there. 

Don’t leave me standing on thin ice,

Oh Santa, I’d be good for the rest of my life. 


I won’t even ask for a puppy this year,

Without you there’s no Christmas cheer. 

I don’t care if you can’t make it snow,

Just don’t leave me waiting under mistletoe.

So here I go…


I don’t need my present wrapped with ribbons and bows,

Just bring him here and I won’t let him go. 


Please answer me Nick,

Pick me up in your sleigh, get me there quick. 


I’ll be under the mistletoe, I’ve been waiting all alone.

I’ll be under the mistletoe, waiting for you to come home.

The days growing dark and the nights getting colder,

I reach for my phone to invite you over.

But the ghost of my past always stops me with broken memories.

And I wonder if the dinosaur lights adorn your home,

Are you dancing with someone new or drinking alone?
Do you ever dream of me and you at Christmas and where it all went wrong?


Isn’t it cruel this time of year?

What was once filled with laughter now reduced to tears.


So this Christmas, I’ll raise a glass.

To all of our memories, all in the past.

Another year done with, as the dust turns to rust.

You took the happy and left me crushed,

Now I don’t believe in Christmas.


The bells they are ringing out into the night,

And choirs are singing but nothing feels right.

‘Cause the fire is burning but the cold comes from within.


‘Cause I never needed ribbons and bows,

You left in the Spring but my heart it froze.


No, I don’t believe, 

No, I don’t believe in Christmas.

No, I don’t believe in Christmas.

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