I wanna know you inside out,

Don't want to waste our precious time in this crowd.

We can catch the last train if we leave now,

Is this too much? Are my feelings too loud?

This could be, or just for fun,

I'm all in, it's your call.

I want to take you home for a conversation,

Have a glass of a wine to set the mood.

You can have a peek at my record collection,

You be Johnny to my June.

If we talk all night and the sun starts rising,

I can make you eggs and orange juice.

This could be the start of a new beginning,

I could be the one if you want me to.

I want to hear you speak your mind,

Cut out the small talk, tell me about the storm inside.

If I hold your hand can I call you mine?

Tell our friends we're leaving for the night.

Lie to me, Lie to me

Tell me you love me, say you'll be true to me.
Lie to me, Lie to me

Tell me I'm beautiful, say you'll never leave me.

Let's pretend this is where you want to be,

My whole heart belongs to you but your mind is with the wind.

You can't change the way that you feel,

But for one more night could you try?

And I'll leave your side of the bed made,

Just in case you come back one day.

You don't need to ask if you want to go,

Pack your bags when I'm not around, just leave me a note.

And I'll leave your side of the bed made,

'Cause right now I can't face the heartbreak.


Wide awake at 2am,
Texting you from my phone.

'Come on over, I hate sleeping alone'.

I know I said we wouldn't work out,

Too busy listening to my friends.

Boy, come on over, let's start over again.

Just me and you and a bottle of whisky will do,

You bring the conversation, I've got the juice.

Let's skip to the part where we make up,

You miss me and I miss us.

I'm sorry for the way I let you down,

You know I don't feel that way now.

Apologise for the things you said,

But help me understand what you meant.

Let's promise to never let this happen again,

I don't wanna be just friends.

Lock the door when you get here,

you know exactly where I'll be,

Come on over, I could make you happy.

We don't have to talk we don't have to fight,

Well at least for tonight.

Boy, come on over, let me make this right.

Just me and you and a bottle of vodka will do,

You've got my spare key and I got the juice.

Just me and you and a bottle of something will do,

We can get drunk under the stars and the moon.

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